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Sunset in the Woods

"Go on a journey from self to Self, my friend...

Such a journey transforms the earth into a mine of gold."

Are you feeling lonely and long for closer connections? Are you suffering from anxiety, nightmares and flashbacks due to past trauma? Do you suffer from low mood or find work stressful? I can help.

Together we think about your past and present to make the changes you wish to see in your future self. You might just want a space to feel safe to explore your feelings and wishes without judgement. Or to find your way of making more meaningful connections in life. Perhaps you feel it is time to invest in your own wellbeing.

Do you constantly argue and find little time to enjoy each other? Is it difficult to speak about sex and desire? Are the children taking up all your energy and you have no time for each other? Do you feel you no longer know each other? Do you want to open up your relationship but struggle with feelings of jealousy? I can help. 

Thinking with a third person present is sometimes what makes the difference. Together we will untangle your individual histories and your history together as a couple. We will make connections to the here and now to think about what you wish for the future. 

Focus Areas

Wooden Surface


trauma sexual abuse gender dysphoria self esteem depression relationship difficulties

stress low mood grief and loss OCD anxiety body image relationship issues loneliness infertility sexuality emotional regulation




you just don't know what you want to do with your life.

Wooden Surface


difficulties in communicating


infidelity and betrayal problems with trust lack of closeness and intimacy lack of commitment premarital counselling decision making regarding marriage, divorce, open relationship or choosing to become parents cross cultural issues or issues with extended family members trauma and life transitions loss and grief dealing with mental health and trauma or...

you just want a space to think.

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