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What to Expect

My Philosophy

We all carry our own history and backgrounds and you might worry that I will not understand you. Opening up can feel difficult and it takes time to develop a trusting relationship. I want to create an open atmosphere of trust and safety. I have worked with individuals and couples from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. My own experiences have taught me how easy it is to feel out of place and different, regardless of it being because of your sexuality, culture, race, ethnicity, age, ability or any other visible and invisible differences. I will show you respect and meet you with an open mind. I am not here to judge but to help you understand yourself better.    

Initial Consultation

An initial consultation, lasting 50 minutes, provides space for you to mention your concerns, and for us to think together about your situation. After discussing your current circumstances, we will consider your background(s), including family and relationship histories, in order to get a fuller picture of your situation. The consultation also offers an opportunity for you to ask questions. Together, we will see if I am the right person to help you. 


If we decide to proceed with regular therapy, we will agree on a mutually convenient time for a weekly session. Each weekly session last for 50 minutes.


I use Zoom, a secure web-based video platform, to conduct online therapy sessions.



My fees reflect my specialist training in relationship psychotherapy for couples and individuals as well as my experience. Consultations and regular sessions are charged at the same rate.


Individuals: £80     Couples: £120


Because the time and room is reserved for you every week, missed sessions will be chargeable. Where possible, and with enough notice, I will endeavour to reschedule a session, however this cannot be guaranteed.


All sessions, including the initial consultation, are confidential. Only in the very rare event of risks to the safety of yourself or others might I need to share information with third parties. Please see my privacy policy for more information.

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